The services we offer include: 
1. River/Creek water quality assessments according to Australian standards (Ausrivas, SIGNAL and TRICI): bioassessments (macroinvertebrates), algae and riparian vegetation.
2. Wetland assessments and monitoring
3. Macroinvertebrate (water bugs) identification
4. Property Management Plans
5. Farm plans
6. Water quality monitoring
7. Soil analysis
Soil reports for building development
9. Site plans
10. Map production
11. Data analysis

​12. Report writing

13. School and community education sessions

Environmental-Analysis provides professional expertise that comes with experience and qualifications in the fields of environmental science and natural resource management. We do environmental and natural resource management monitoring and reporting to Australian standards. 

We do environmental assessments and water quality monitoring of rivers, wetlands and on farm water. We do the sample collection, data analysis and reporting to meet EPA requirements. Water quality sampling for physical and chemical analysis, Algae assessments and Biological (macroinvertebrate) assessments.

Environmental-Analysis does property management plans and farm plans for irrigation, cropping, conservation/ biodiversity and livestock management.

We provide education sessions on catchment water quality and biodiversity for community & school groups.